Tickler file or project board?

To make your team productive, you need to choose the right tools. This article explains when to use a project board and when to rely on a tickler file.

Inbox Zero – myth or reality

Today, inboxes are everywhere. Emails are still the most popular means of communication in the office. In addition we have teams and slack, messages in social media, and many still …

We got featured this week! (twice)

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Planning too much: How to overcome the planning fallacy.

In a complex and fast changing environment detailed planning becomes ever more difficult. The best way to get the benefits of daily or weekly planning without wasting energy on plans that will never live up to their promises is to adopt a more relaxed approach to it.

How A Tickler File Makes Your Life Easier

A tickler file allows you to access, organise and act on crucial time-sensitive documents and tasks as and when it is appropriate for you. This is the best way to go about it when there is a lot on your plate. Here is, how a tickler file makes your life easier.