What is a tickler file?

A tickler file is a system to organize documents, tasks and other information in a way that they are “automatically” presented to you on the day you need them. You can use it to defer tasks, topics, messages, reminders to a future date in an easy and convenient manner. How a tickler file works is described here.

Why 43 folders?

There are 43 folders in our tickler file system to represent up to 31 daily folders for the running month and 12 monthly folders for the running year. It is a rotating system, where finished folders are moved back to the stack after completion. More details on the folders can be found here.

Is 43 the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?

No! That’s 42. But it’s close.

Where is fortythree.me based?

We are a based in Cologne, Germany.

Who is fortythree.me?

Fortythree is a bootstrapped start-up based in Cologne, Germany. Founded by Enno Däneke because he wanted to build a system that makes it super easy to manage his tasks and he wasn’t satisfied with the options on the market.

How is my data used?

We do not and will never sell or or distriubute your data in any way. We use industry standard solutions to protect you data. You’re data is yours and always will be. You can read about our data policy here.

How can I support fortythree.me?

We are a bootstrapped start-up. Funded by the enthusiasm of the team. You can support us by contributing with a donation. If enough people contribute, we can keep fortythree.me running and free.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for great people with a passion for personal productivity and the will to achieve great things. You can find open positions and further information here.

How can I move an item from folder to another day or month?

Just swipe right to left on the item and press the button with the little arrow.