What are Three Ways to Increase Productivity?

Increasing your personal productivity at home or job is crucial for better results. On top of it, you need to get smart with your time to be more productive. For this reason, you should find ways to increase productivity.

3 Handy Ways to Increase Productivity

If you’re wondering how productivity can be increased, here are the three practical yet handy ways, including:

1. Define Your Time Limit for Each Task.

More often than not you can’t perform at your best if you don’t define a time limit for each task in your to-do list. For instance, stats show that around 82% of people do not possess a time management system, resulting in decreased productivity. That said, if you use a handy personal productivity application, such as 43.me, it will remind you of your upcoming task and keep you focused on what you need to get done. Using a personal productivity App like fortythree.me will let you define a time (a day or a month) for any given task, and will remind you to complete the previous activity before starting a new one. Thats why they call it a Tickler File!

2. Try to Beat Deadlines.

Beating a deadline can increase your performance and help you become more productive. For this reason, a much better practice is to divide each project into small milestones that you can achieve with ease within the deadline. Moreover, you should look to use technology that simplifies your workflow and helps you improve productivity. 

3. Schedule Your Daily and Monthly Work.

Scheduling and productivity relate to each other directly. For example, when you know your job that you need to perform in the next 24 hours or one month, you minimize last-minute stress. That’s why you need to schedule your daily and monthly workflow. Likewise, it’s becoming more apparent that multi-tasking doesn’t help you increase productivity so establishing a repeatable process for defining tasks and timeframes is essential.

Why Use Fortythree.me to Increase Productivity?

If you want to increase productivity tools like FortyThree.me can help. As a digital tickler file system, 43.me updates and reminds you of your daily tasks. It means you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of remembering your to-do list or feel overwhelmed by a long to-do list. Likewise, FortyThree.me lets you prioritize tasks, be productive, and get more work done, including streamlining workflow, helping in task management, helping you beat deadlines while staying in control.

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