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How to build and use a tickler file system

A tickler file is a productivity tool to simplify your follow-up system. It supports your calendering and scheduling system for more efficiency. Learn how to set up a tickler file to become more productive.

Make most of your waiting time

I’m sure you do not want to waste waiting time by mindlessly browsing social media. Here’s a list of ways to use idle time productivly!

Had a bad day? Get over wasted days fast.

Just wasted a day? Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. We are humans after all. What makes all the difference is how you deal with it.
What can you do if you had a bad day?

Declutter you calendar. Now.

Is your calendar a mess? Is it a mix of events, appointments, notes to self, to dos, reminders, deadlines and follow-ups? You might have fallen victom to an idea. An …