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How to build and use a tickler file system

A tickler file is a productivity tool to simplify your follow-up system. It supports your calendering and scheduling system for more efficiency. Learn how to set up a tickler file to become more productive.

How to keep a new year’s resolution

What makes the difference? Why do some people achieve their new year’s resolutions while you can not keep it? Maybe, they don’t either, but that’s another story.
To get forward on your resolution let’s start with the simple things.

Yes, we are live: 43me in Stores now!

Not many words to be said today: 43me is now available on the App Store and Play Store. We are all very happy and excited. Looking forward to welcome you …

43me: First tickler file app in stores soon

Yesterday, we submitted 43me to Apple and Google for approval to their stores.
A core reason for making this app was to create a simple way to organize tasks. A tool that is simpler and easier-to-use than established to do list managers.