43me: First tickler file app in stores soon

Yesterday, we submitted 43me to Apple and Google for approval to their stores. I am excited that it will soon be available to all of you. [EDIT: We are live. Find the download links here.]

A core reason for making this app was to create a simple way to organize tasks. A tool that is simpler and easier-to-use than established to do list managers.

Thus, we deliberately do not have all features the big guys have.

This means: 43me is not built for everybody. Some people will not like it.

But we might be the perfect match to you if want to keep your systems simple and focus on getting your work done.

Let me quickly summarize the features we have in the app:

Complete 43 folders setup

All daily and monthly folders needed for a tickler file setup are already set up in the app.

Auto-updating folders

Some tasks kept undone? It is the first of the month? Do not worry, 43me will automatically move your tasks to the right folder if needed. This way you can be sure not to miss anything.

Super easy task management

Creating tasks is super simple. It can be done from every folder. All actions can be performed with a minimum number of taps. You can access all controls quickly by swiping left end right on the tasks.


You can add pictures to your tasks to integrate all your physical notes and messages into your digital tickler file systems


In case you are not sure in which folder you created a task, you can easily locate and access it using the search bar in the main screen.


Some people love tags other do not need them. So, we integrated them in a way that they are easily accessible while they are still hidden for those who do not care.

Intelligent reminders

If you want, 43me politely reminds you to check your schedule up to three times a day. It helps you to keep your habits without distracting you through annoying notifications.

Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple is the core of our philosophy. We are very careful with integrating additional features. Things in our pipeline include:

Sharing tasks with others, creating tasks directly from e-mail and other apps, recurring tasks, and a web version.

We are always happy for suggestions, just get in touch: mail@fortythree.me.

What we will never have:

There are some things we will never have in our app:

  • Obstrusive notifications
  • Bloated interfaces
  • Advertising
  • Selling your data
  • Features luring you to procrastinate
  • Complicated planning features