Be realistic AND visionary

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Be prudent with your short term task

If you want to stay motivated to perform your goals and tasks, you should set realistic goals. The optimum level of activation is reached, when the goal is challenging but doable. What qualifies to this description varies among people of course.

An important aspect is to keep your to do list doable. There is no sense in trying to cram a hundred tasks into a single day. Be realistic.

If you have too much on your agenda, you need to prioritize. Find a way to set priorities that works for you. Do not let your to do list become a productivity killing list of shame. Focus! Be ruthless on what you can ditch to get the important things done. If you decide on not to do something try not to postpone it. Instead: Realy do eliminate it.

On a daily level, you can use the 1-3-5 goal as a guidance: Schedule 1 great mission, 3 larger issues and 5 small tasks for each day. The rest of the day will be filled with ad-hoc tasks coming up. Use principles of work to stay organized and keep your daily flow. Be prudeent with your short term tasks.

Be bold with your long term vision

On the other hand: When you decide on your long term goals and vision, dare to be bold! Studies have shown that humans systematically overstimate what can be done in a year and underestimate what can be done in ten. The same is true on a smaler scale: day ws week, week vs. month. We want to pack everything in a single day, but do not expect to make significant progress in the course of a month.

Think big for your future. But be realistic for your present. It’s a delicate balance. Mastering is an important step to become more successfull.