Had a bad day? Get over wasted days fast.

Just wasted a day? Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. We are humans after all. What makes all the difference is how you deal with it.

Sometimes we are running circles all day without making any real progress. We work concentrated all day to torealize at the end of the day, that we went into the wrong direction and can’t use what we did.

Other times, we don’t have the motivation to put in all the power needed for real progress. Instead we are hanging around doing some side work or browsing news sites.

what to do if you had a bad day

Wasted days are not just an annoyance. If they repeat, they have a tendency to to engrain themselves into our psyche and our behavior.

Building good habits can create an accumulating positive effect for our long term success. But, a couple of failures in a row can send us down a bad track. We get so used to our un-productive activities that we start to see them as the norm. Our subconsciousness start to crave for a repetition.

What can you do if you had a bad day?

First, get over the fact that you wasted your day. There’s no need to contemplate a bad day over and over again. Blaming oneself for failure has rarely brought anything forward. Accept that you can’t change the past and start to look forward.

Second, set a clear and achievable goal for the next day. Start your next day with a success. Even, if it’s just a small one. Make sure, you just do something. Check your to do list for the next day and make sure it’s realistic (Here’s how). Demanding too much of yourself can overwhelm you. Thus leading to the contrary effect of not being able to get going.

Third, start thinking about how you design your days. Being productive is not only about how you organize your stuff. You need to set up your day in a way that makes it easy to achieve your goals. Even if you only make one little improvement to your day design, it will increase your success rate down the road.

Whatever you do. Get up and get going again.