How 43me supports your productivity

Using 43me benefits your productivity with simplicity, balanced planning, supportive reminders, easy follow ups and more.

As far as we know, 43me is the only dedicated tickler file app in the market. We’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find any. Thus, we built it.

Why? Because we were unsatisfied with the established task management and to do list software. We know some of them are awesome tools. But for our needs and for many other people they are not the right solutions. The many reason: They are too big and overloaded with feature.

Simplicity in features

43me does have less features. Maybe, some people do not like that. But in fact, it is a good thing. You do not need to fill dozens of fields on details about your tasks. You are not driven to overanalyze and procrastiplan instead of doing. 43 me focuses on the core functionality: creating and doing task.

43me does not lure you into wasting time by selecting the right list, thinking about the correct item type, defining subtasks, adding an epic, working out dates and priorities, estimating hours, analyzing dependencies. You just create your task, and you get back to work.

Easy to use system

The 43 folders system is easy to understand and simple to use. We’ve explainded setting up a tickler file system in an earlier post and also made a short video about it.

You just put a task into the date or month in which you want to take care of it. And your organizing is done. The system will bring it up at the right time and you can forget about it until then. You can move tasks between folders with just one swipe.

Balanced planning details

The structure of daily and monthly folders helps you to adhere to an appropriate level of detail when planning what to do when. For the running month, you can plan on a daily basis. For everything beyond that, you just define the month when action is due. Thus, you avoid useless details like defining the exact dates of tasks half a year out.

Keeping lists short

The system supports your focus by shortening your to do list. You can focus completely on what is relevant today. All other tasks are hidden in the future folders. Keeping your to do list short is a key principle for productive use of any tool. 43 me helps you with this through its date-based structure. Future tasks are hidden and do not overload your mind. At the same time, you can see the number of tasks in each folder without opening it. This helps to keep the number of commitments for each day manageable.

Easy follow ups

Reliable follow ups are essential. A tickler file is a simple and reliable system for your follow ups. You just add the topic to the day or month in which you want to follow up and you are done. The system brings it back to your attention on the right day.

Productivity supporting reminders

43me does have reminders. But they are different. We want to support your deep work phases. Frequent notification on individual tasks can be counterproductive. Thus, 43me will not interrupt you with messages all day. Instead, you can set-up up to three times a day at which 43me engages you to check your daily list. This is much more balanced than the constant noise of individual notifications for each and every task.

Automated folder update

The automated folder update is a core feature of 43 me. Every morning your folder setup will be updated to the current date. Yesterday’s folder will be closed, and any remaining tasks move to today’s folder. You do not need to worry about updating. On the first of each month the content of the monthly folder is also brought up in the daily folder. You do not have to remember checking it. You can just scan through the items and distribute them to the best dates.

No blaming

Negativity is a motivation killer. That is why we do not understand why so many apps engage in blaming and shaming their users when a task is overdue. Sure, you need a reminder of what is still to be done. But do you really want an app to bully by rubbing under your nose what you did not achieve? 43 me has a kinder way to approach you. It will keep the unfinished task in your current day list until you move or finish them. But it will not annoy you with big warnings, red flags, and constant reminders of what is overdue.