Our *Secret* Dev Roadmap (2023 Update)

The words "What's Next" written on a blackboard

We want to thank everyone who has downloaded the FortyThree.me app. Thank you for your great support and the overwhelming amount of feedback!

It’s an absolute pleasure to see many of your comments, from “So far I like the app. It has a good, simplified design” to “the system is brilliant” or even “whenever you’re ready, I will urge my friends and followers to try your app.”

This shows us we’ve already built a useful tool focusing on easy-to-use tickler file systems. Your feedback encourages us that we are on the right track to make FortyThree.me the easiest way to organize your tasks. It fuels us with the energy to move forward. Thank you so much!

Further, we also got a lot of input on what features you wish to add to our app. And there were many good ideas. Some of them we already integrated as new features. For example, a basic search function and a log of all completed tasks.

But we are by far not finished yet. That’s why we want to share our *secret* development roadmap with you. This is what we’re planning to put together for the coming releases.

43me Roadmap

Sharing tasks with others

One of the most requested features was: Can I share something with other people? We need to do some preparations for this on the back-end side, but we will definitively build it. Currently, we are thinking about sharing individual tasks as well as sharing a tag and all its associated tasks.

Automated backup and synchronization

Once we can implement sharing with others, we can also offer automated backups of your complete tickler file in case you lose or break your smartphone. Synchronization across multiple devices will make you more flexible and allow you even more easy success anytime, anywhere.

Easier creation of items, e.g. from other apps

We want to make it even simpler to add items to your tickler file. For example, moving images from your photos app, or saving a link from your browser shall be super easy in the future when we integrate deeper with iOS and Android.

Improved search

Right now, we have a basic search function. This will be extended to more options and possibilities to finetune it to your needs.

Assisted planning

We are not sure how we will be doing it, but we are convinced that it would be very helpful if the app could support you in your planning. For example, a warning for “task congestion” if you put too much into a single day.

This is a super complex issue, though, as everybody uses the app in their own individual way, and the type, size, and number of items in the app will be very different from user to user. Some motivational aspects are also interesting to think through in this context.

Optimization for more devices

So far, we have focused on the usage on a smartphone. We will add optimizations for other screen sizes like tablets and possibly even a browser version.

Annual recurrence feature

FortyThree.me can help you stay on top of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tasks. But that’s not all. Soon you’ll be able to create annual reminders for birthdays, holidays, and other special events, so you’ll never forget an important annual event in your life again.

Social signup/login

Soon, users will be able to access the app quickly and easily, using their existing social media accounts like Facebook and Google, taking the hassle out of remembering yet another password.

Add description field for tasks

We will incorporate a description field on the tasks you schedule, allowing you to include more relevant information for each task.

Refresh/reload from daily/monthly lists

The reloading feature of the app will ensure that your to-do lists are always up-to-date, whether you’re looking at the daily or monthly view.

Email to task feature

With the email-to-task feature, you can assign an email address to easily import your tasks into the system, making your work much easier and more efficient.

Option to upload multiple file types

In the not-so-distant future, you’ll be able to upload more file types into the app, giving you even more ways to keep your task list organized.

Web app

We’re excited to provide our mobile app with a web version, so you can access it on your desktop and keep your tasks synchronized across devices. And we can’t wait to offer a Chrome extension for the productivity app too!

Already Implemented


We now offer a function to tag tasks in the folders. This allows you to differentiate for example between work and private tasks or between different projects or contexts. Tagging will always be optional, so it won’t slow you down if you do not need it. We will also give you options to search and filter by tags in a convenient manner.

Recurring tasks

Sometimes you have things to think of on a regular basis. These can either recur X days after the termination of the first or they might pop up according to a set schedule (e.g. every second Tuesday of a month). We now offer you a way to automate these reminders in your tickler file.

Keeping navigation and usage super simple

With all these new additions, we are devoted to keeping the user experience super lean, straightforward, and intuitive. Using FortyThree.me shall always fit smoothly into your flow and be fun. It must never get in your way, as some other products do.

This is why we carefully think through every new feature and capability. We focus on what is needed to help you become better organized and more productive. Bells and whistles will be kept out to keep you focused.