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A tickler file system, aka 43 folders system, is an easy to use system. It provides a way to send a reminder to oneself in the future. Thus “tickling” one’s memory.

The system consists of a maximum of 31 folders for each day in the running month and 12 folders for the year. This adds up to a total of 43 folders and gives the system its name. You can place all short-term items into the appropriate daily folder to schedule them for the current month. Items which need attention in a future month are put in the corresponding monthly folder. This makes the fortythree folders one of the easiest to use follow up systems.

Every day, you can focus on those items, that you have commited yourself to for that specific day. At the end of the day you can enjoy the feeling of achievment, when everything is done. Open tasks move to the next day.

Monthy folders give you a starting point for your monthly reviews, where you check the monthly folder and move the items to the right days.

The system allows you to file time sensitive documents, ideas, tasks or other items in a easy on-the-fly fashion, making sure you won’t miss them when they become due.

You can read more about how the system works in our blog.

Traditionally, tickler files where paper based. Today, we are building the No.1 app exclusively focused on an easy way to maintain your 43 folders system online and across all your devices. We searched for convenient way to do this with existing to-do-list apps, calenders, project boards and basicly anything remotely related. We could not find a way that achieves our vision of simplicity and speed so we set out to build it ourselves.

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