How A Tickler File Makes Your Life Easier

A tickler file allows you to access, organise and act on crucial time-sensitive documents and tasks as and when it is appropriate for you. This is the best way to go about it when there is a lot on your plate. Here is, how a tickler file makes your life easier.

What is a tickler file and how does it work?

What is a tickler file? It is essentially a means to organise reminders and documents by date so that you can keep track of things that are lined up and need your timely attention. It serves to “tickle” your mind when required. The system was initially designed to store documents that require action in the future. The file is commonly divided into two types of folders: 12 for every month of the year and up to 31 for every day of a month. Every day it provides you with just exactly those tasks and information, you really need that day. Therefore, it allows you to intricately access, organise and act on crucial time-sensitive documents as and when it is appropriate for you. An organized set of tasks is indeed the best way to go about it when there is a lot on your plate.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with more things than you could handle or wanted to remind yourself of something important on a specific date? A tickler file could be the perfect solution to sort out your stuff and get the ball rolling.

How does it make your life easier?

Reminders for Deadlines

A prime way to organise your life using a tickler file relates to the importance of meeting external deadlines and nudging yourself with reminders to take care of prior tasks. This, in fact, is the ideal way to organise your tasks using a tickler file. It not only helps you with reminders for deadlines but clears your table of that extra pile of papers and gets them organised into a single file.

Task Management

Using a tickler file lets you manage your tasks with ease. Once all your tasks are arranged in a systematic way, you are at ease when it comes to their execution. Your tasks can easily be performed in an automated manner, which relieves you from being overwhelmed with the magnanimity of the work. Another important benefit of a tickler file is that you can segregate tasks efficiently into different time slots and thus, never miss out on a deadline.

Breaking Down A Long Task List into Digestible Chunks

Being burdened with a long list of tasks in your to-do list can be daunting. Well, a tickler file takes care of that and offers you relief! Organising your work into separate files helps you break down this long list into smaller digestible chunks. You get the liberty to work on one task at a time and cover all the vital aspects of the same. This ensures optimum output and greater success.

Simple Project Management

Project management can be a complex and difficult task at times. From sending accurate estimates to creating watertight plans and keeping it all within the stipulated budget, it can be somewhat demanding. In many cases this overhead is just not necessary. Thanks to the ticker file, the process can now be made easier. Gone are the days when you must wade your way through complicated processes. A tickler file lets you avail every detail of a given project individually and in a quick, easy and reliable manner.

Reviewing Bills and Documents at Certain Dates

A well-organized tickler file lets you review your documents and bills at a certain date of your choice and make necessary changes in them. This frees you from the hassle of having to read through the entire document to make a minor change on a page. This not only saves time but also lets you review tasks in a systematic manner.

Reminders For “I Always Wanted to Do X”

Given the busy schedule and never-ending workload that professionals have, there is always a chance of you ending up saying “Oh I totally forgot I wanted to this”. The solution? An electronic tickler file! Save all your future priorities and work that needs to be taken care of in a future section of a tickler file, and you will be reminded of it on the specified date. Doesn’t that make life easy? You’ll be reminded of the tasks that you wanted to get done for a long time, but which were completely escaping your mind. 

What is a Tickler File and How A Tickler File Makes Your Life Easier – Updated October 2021

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