43me: First tickler file app in stores soon

Yesterday, we submitted 43me to Apple and Google for approval to their stores. A core reason for making this app was to create a simple way to organize tasks. A tool that is simpler and easier-to-use than established to do list managers.

Personal vision: Three weekends left to make 2021 a better year!

2020 was an extraordinary year. It was a challenge for everybody. For many, it was tragic. Some lost their confidence in being able to achieve there personal vision. A lot of people see it as a lost year: "Let's get this over and hope for a better 2021." Hope is fine. However, the world does not get better just because it is spinning. We won't change anything if we won't change ourselves. Times of crises are also An opportunity for questioning the status quo. A time to redefine our personal vision. For reorientation and for setting directions towards a brighter future.